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Matitone Self Booking

Managing travel and expenses at the same time

By using our Self-Booking Tool you can have greater control over the costs relating to travel and expenses and these costs can be managed simultaneously, in a single integrated solution.

Integrating travel and expenses

Our system was the first to integrate travel bookings and expense accounts in a single system. The integration of travel and expenses ensures a better user experience. The data flow between the solutions and the reporting of the entire process makes it possible to make the best decisions. With a single data source, detailed information can be obtained to plan budgets and interact with providers. These data can be used also to update the company’s travel policy. 

Wide choice of journeys

Matitone Self Booking Tool makes it easy to identify the best travel option. The travel booking tool offers a wide choice of journeys. The data regarding travel bookings are provided by:

multiple GDS (Global Distribution Systems) ;
Direct Connect clients;
low cost airlines;
prices available on Internet;
rail companies such as SNCF, Deutsche Bahn, thetrainline;
personal corporate discounts;
Easy and quick expense accounts.

Simplify the production of expense accounts. When booking a trip:

the data relating to the booking are used to prepare the expense reports;
the ordinary expenses made by credit card are entered automatically;
the ordinary expenses governed by the supplier’s electronic receipts are entered automatically.
After entry of the additional expenses, the expense account is complete and ready to be transmitted.

Integrated corporate travel policies

Our system integrates the travel policies of client companies directly into the system. Thanks to an integrated travel management and expenses policy, it is possible to verify what comes within the policy and decide what journey, hotel or restaurant to book.

Complete view of travel and expenses
We offer a complete view of the data for travel and expenses. This enables a simple, quick analysis of the expenditure for travel and expenses and identification of the areas where it is possible to optimise.

Solution for mobile devices

It is possible to view the trip itinerary, add, modify or eliminate expenses directly from the smartphone or mobile device while still away. The mobile application is available for most portable devices such as iPhone®, iPad®, Android™ e BlackBerry®.

Flexible implementation

We offer different options for implementation of the solution according to the client’s requirements.

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