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Air Travel

We are totally focused on the customer company and its travellers. Our consultants always offer the most suitable travel solutions to satisfy the needs of each single passenger and guarantee the best fares available in respect of the company’s travel policy. In order to ensure a high standard of quality and efficiency, Matitone Travel invests constantly in staff development and training, so as to provide timely and exhaustive solutions for each customer request. We specify that Matitone Travel’s consultants are not call centre operators, but travel agents of proven experience in the sector; one or more consultants are assigned to each individual client company in order to offer an attentive, personalised service.

Air fares:

- Guarantee of application of the best fare available;
- Search for the lowest fare by comparison between:

• Fares available on the market at the time of booking
• Preferential and corporate fares negotiated by Matitone Travel
• Fares negotiated by the customer

Global Fare Search - "One-stop" comparison:
Thanks to the Uniglobe international network, of which Matitone Travel is a partner, we are able to cooperate with other agencies and suppliers worldwide to offer the best fares and the best solutions possible and to acquire the fares of a foreign Uniglobe agency and offer them to our client companies.

Consistency with corporate travel policy:
All the travel policies and rules established by the client company are encoded in our IT system under Client and Traveller Profile and applied at the moment of each booking.

Customer loyalty programmes:
On behalf of our companies, and at no additional cost, we manage all the principal loyalty programmes promoted by carriers and international alliances.

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