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Corporate Training

Matitone Travel organises various levels of training course for companies and organisations in the public and private sectors, for top and middle management, human resources managers, freelance professionals, teachers, communicators and work teams. Matitone Travel’s training proposals aim to improve the quality and productivity of the business through the best exploitation of human resources and are based on the methodology of the theatre, of improvisation and dramatization, and Story-telling, to which the use of the Video is applied all round, with the aim of improving the team’s working climate, verbal and non-verbal communication and stimulating creativity. The choice of the most suitable training courses for the needs of the individual company arises from a direct exchange with the Matitone Travel work team, in order to develop a made-to-measure growth path.

Matitone Travel’s courses:
1) Public speaking and effective communication
2) Team Building
3) Creativity Workshop

Matitone Travel is available, through its specific modules, to convey contents that the company wishes to transmit to its personnel (presentation of new products, security measures, equal opportunities policies, etc.). It also proposes performances/play workshops to be held during Conventions, seasonal parties, launching of new products etc.

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From Monday - Friday, from 9.00 to 13.00 and from 14.30 to 18.30